Do you love music? How many adults have you met
who regret quitting music lessons as a child?
Do you consider yourself non-musical? Would you like to
implement performance music into your curriculum,
program, camp, senior centre, daycare or even
with your own children—and get to be the Conductor!?
Then consider the “RYZOO!” Method.

You may be:
a PARENT with young children;
a DAY-CARE PROVIDER with pre-schoolers;
an elementary TEACHER with an art program;
a special needs COUNSELOR or TEACHER requiring an outlet;
a CHILD YOUTH WORKER counseling a social program;
a CAMP COUNSELOR with campers preparing for
’the show’ on the last day with the parents in attendance, or;
or residential facility wishing to bring musical joy to all,
now you can instruct a music program.

Ryzoo teaches musical components to children from the age of five,
older special needs students and even adults who cannot play an instrument.
RYZOO! offers performing play, arts and crafts, singing and dancing.
RYZOO! may be offered as a one-time workshop, or
over several classroom periods, weekly sessions,
as senior activation, or as a camp program unit.

For as little as $3 per participant, Ryzoo includes the economical
and ecological advantages of recycled products!
It is educational, artistic, inexpensive, self-discovering, rewarding and fun!Anybody who reads this book can lead the band!
Be prepared to ‘gig’ at assemblies, talent shows,
senior centers, charitable events, hospitals and malls.
Ask your children, students, campers, seniors
and even colleagues, “Who wants to RYZOO!?