RYZOO is simply the combination of RhYthm (or percussion ) instruments and kaZOOs. Anyone can learn to play a kazoo, and we’ve all had the desire to tap on a rhythm instrument. Instant band! The beauty of playing kazoos is that many of us are uncomfortable about singing. Once figured out, everyone can ‘hum’ out a melody, and it tickles! You can’t help but smile.  All you need to Ryzoo or teach it, is a love of music. When considering to implement this Ryzoo music program, treat it as a construction project. The instructions encourage you to read through the steps first, before beginning. This allows you to know how and where you are going, and to understand what is currently happening in order to achieve the end result (please read Transportation on page 21). Read through the chapters first and you will be far more confident in your never-before-had Maestro Conductor skills! Remember, at least look like you know what you’re doing (and you will!). By the way, have you ever met anyone who does not like music? Never!